The designers got it!

I had lunch recently at Whole Foods and while sipping my coffee, I looked up to notice how cheerful and colourful my surroundings were. Grocery stores are often bright, colourful, and typically very busy. Colour needs to be used carefully, because in retail you want to product you’re selling to be the highlight, not the […]

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Times Colonist June 17 2017: Union Club Renovation

  The 138-year old Union Club of British Columbia made history when it was declared a National Historic Site last month. That honour coincided with another important moment — the completion of an extensive $4-million, five-year renovation and redecoration of the landmark Gordon Street building. Click Here for  Full Article

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Wisteria, a beautiful drooping flowering tree that comes in a variety of colours from lilac, mauve, purple, or pink. Typically we see the lighter lilac/ mauve flowers here in Saanich and the simply stunning wisteria tree at Mattick’s Farm is a perfect example of the lighter lilac colour. From certain angles, this tree looks like […]

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Outdoor Living has arrived!

Ahh springtime, everything outside is brighter, fresher and more vivid. We’ve waited a long time for spring this year and everyone seems to be in a better mood now that the weather is warming up and the blossoms finally arrived! I always look forward to switching the patio or deck into outdoor enjoyment mode. Suddenly […]

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Union Club Ballroom complete

Here’s a few before and afters of the ballroom at the Union Club. It has turned out so beautiful! A huge thank you to Knappet Construction, especially to  Tony and Julie with their amazing carpentry skills. Nicholas, at Empress Painting, who is true artist with a paint brush, and the gorgeous work on the light fixtures […]

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Add a little sunshine…

  Yellow… it makes us think of happiness, sunshine, warmth, and brightness. Yellow is a primary colour and can range anywhere from a dark gold to lemon/lime. It is the most luminous of colours and we use it to catch attention, be seen at night, and promote visibility. Insects see yellow to collect pollen therefore […]

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For the love of Green!

St Patrick’s Day, the day for celebrating the patron saint of Ireland. We love to don our bright green sweaters, put green food dye in our Guiness beer or wear a symbolic shamrock. The particular shade of shamrock green is bright and festive- it truly is the shade of clover. I look up the meaning […]

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